Koi fish - Speed painting


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I decided to get Twitter (https://twitter.com/RetroGrapes), so I thought a Bird+Sakura post would be well fitting! ♥

エレガントな、神秘的なタコ。~ The elegant, mysterious octopus.

Japanese Stone Lanterns ✿ ~ Kanjuji ~ 

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Hello – Good Bye.

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♡ It’s still July ~ Enjoying some Anime scenery ~

♡ − Vintage Manga

South Korean artist Kim Min Joo’s blue art. Inspiration:

” One hot day, I was just looking at fish(without thinking) which were swimming in the water.   At that moment, I experienced that I couldn’t tell whether I am the Fish or the Fish is me.   I started to draw these series while I was feeling  like I was swimming  in the water and that I was the one  who broke through the boundary. “