[ Colors of nature ] ~ The birds will be returning soon.

[ Yellow is so cute ♥ ] Art by Yoko Furusho. 

Below are some DIY origami lamp tutorials I’ve been hunting down for own use. I thought maybe some of you would enjoy them as much as I am thus far? –
Origami Lamp shown in picture two and three –  http://www.designandpaper.com/?p=5707

Origami Lamp shown in first picture – http://nostalgiecat.blogspot.no/2014/02/diy-origami-paper-lampshade.html

Fortune Teller Lantern – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16d3aVDuN_U

Some bonus ones for you all to check out! – http://origamismbarollo.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/chrysanthemumleroy.pdf , http://ahyiyi.blogspot.no/2008/10/how-to-fold-lamp-i-bought-roll-of.html

~I know what I’ll be doing this summer!! ~ ♥

❀ There’s always time for tea ❀ ~

~Where I live, winter is still laying over me like a thick thick blanket~

[ check out South Korean indie group; Standing Egg]

1.– Toms loafers (Canvas Red Classics) ✿:
I’ve been oogling and wanting these since summer 2012– I’m planning to order a pair when spring arrives here in the cold north~
2.– Fujifilm Intax Mini (Choco, Pink, Yellow ❤):
I’d love a new, easy-to-bring camera, polaroid! Nothing screams summer as loudly as one of these cuties.
3.– Matt&Nat wallet (Vera small brown):
I lost my wallet yesterday! ;–c So a cheap, yet cute wallet like this one is what I’m planning to order once my paypal is back up and running!
4.– A guinea pig (preferably a Peruan(long haired).): 
I used to have a cutie like this back when I was younger, and since I know I wont be able to provide for a dog anytime soon–being a full-time student with a job on the side, and living at a student home– A guinea pig is a bit more of a “reachable” wish right now.
5.– Shwood sunglasses (Eugene or Belmont): 
Joining the Toms, Shwood sunglasses has been something I’ve been drooling for for a good while now.. /I think that summer will bring along these to my mailbox, miraculously ;- )
6.– Dr.Martens boots (Floren):
I’m stuck and loving both the Floren and the Drury models.. Thing is: I actually do need shoes as I’ve worn out most of those I use, and Dr.Martens is a brand I really do love ♥
7.– A Lemon Tree:
I need plants for my new student apartment, and having a mini-tree in your room just sounds quite brilliant. Lemon trees are incredibly decorative,. But are they hard to maintain and keep healthy?? ;;
8.– A trip to Shanghai:
I’ve been to Beijing, and now I’d like to go for Shanghai next. I’m also wanting to see other parts of Asia, like the Maldives and Malaysia. ✿ This one will probably not happen in a few years, so this ‘wish’ is sticking long-term along with the Guinea pig wish, it seems-
9.– A “Chestnut”, Origami inspired ceiling-lamp:
The Chestnut model is very decorative and supposedly not that expensive ; A ; I’d love to get one of these in the near future.

What does your wishlist look like? ♥ ◉ u ◉~

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The Wind Rises – Hayao Miyazaki 
⎡A great movie about ambition and love ⎦


All 11 of the Studio Ghibli embroidery hoops I’ve made over the years.
Hard to choose a favorite but they sure look nice all together.  Always taking custom orders for hoops. <3 :)

(Source: facebook.com, via my-own-adventures)

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Frozen [ R e d ] Berries.